Website Analytics: Gathering Data and Creating

a Website Traffic Report

If you aren't currently getting a consistent website traffic report from your digital marketing agency, have never heard of a website traffic report or you don't even know if you are currently doing anything around gathering website analytics... then this is the section for you!


Web analytics are one of the best parts about digital marketing. In fact, gathering website stats is the first step of any successful digital strategy, in order to establish a baseline (beginning point). Website analytics also offer accurate measurements of key performance indicators, which allow for better decision making towards improvement and refinement of a strategy.


If you are new to gathering web analytics, please read further about why gathering website stats can make or break success.


If you are in need of assistance toward the improvement of your current  web analytics process or have questions about a specific area, like getting a website traffic report, please do not hesitate to connect with one of our Google certified analytics specialists at Optimized.



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Getting the Most out of Your Web Analytics

Our team of data mining experts works to place filters on your data to start to block out all the nose that can be created by false or spam traffic. Our data mining experts then begin to further process the filtered raw data into defined metrics that can be more easily read and understood. We call these data points Key Performance Indicators, or K.P.I.'s.


By properly defining key performance indicators, the data can then be used to help develop future strategies and make improvements to digital web assets. All of this leads to something very awesome, which is a highly converting online sales funnel.


If you are not currently utilizing analytics to base your companies strategy, then it is time to get serious about your analytics game. Improving conversions through analytics is the single biggest difference between success and mediocrity.

Benefits of Gathering and Mining Website Stats

capturing website analytics in atlanta georgia

Website analytics are one of the defining reasons that digital marketing is more successful than traditional forms of marketing. When gathered by an experienced digital marketing professional, web analytics allow for a multi-dimensional view of a marketing campaign. The website statistics that can be collected can help businesses to better understand their consumer's behaviors, likes, dislikes and so on. Using these website stats, businesses can improve their marketing strategies, essentially allowing businesses to get smarter and more focused over time.

capturing web analytics in atlanta georgia

Depending on how detailed a business wants to be and how much they want to learn about their audience, website analytics can be captured to identify and define key consumer demographics, like age and sex of a consumer. (Additional web analytics can also be collected, to add to these demographic website stats, for things like the geography of consumers, which is mentioned in a moment.) Gathering website statistics about gender and sex of consumers can help in creating content for a the audience. Website stats about a demographic audience can also confirm if a business' message is on point with it's target audience.

analyzing website statistics in atlanta georgia

What is popular in the Northeast, may not be popular in the Southwest, but how do you know, for sure, if you haven't implemented a way of gathering website analytics from your site? The truth is, there is no way of knowing if your messaging is positively impacting your target consumer market if you don't have website statistics to measure performance. With web analytics and website stats not only can messaging be measured for desired results, but it can be improved over time through analyzing consecutive monthly website traffic reports. Defining and refining your businesses geographic messaging lets you connect with a diverse landscape of buyers.

analyzing website stats in atlanta georgia

Ever think, "I wish I knew what people were thinking before and during the buying process." Well, did you know that there is a way to gather those website statistics, and many other website stats, to gain a clearer understanding of what potential buyers are thinking and how they are behaving toward your products. Implementing a website analytics strategy will allow you to collect raw data from your site. The raw data can be refined into meaningful web analytics and shared with all key decision makers of a business through a dispersed website traffic report. This allows for better communication, which ultimately leads to deploying a smarter, more targeted strategy to consumers.

website traffic report in atlanta georgia

Nobody has a crystal ball, but we do have website analytics. It's not exaclty the same thing, but web analytics can be very powerful and predicting upcoming trends and shifts in consumer behaviors. Website traffic reports show changes in things like consumer behavior changes toward certain keywords or phrases, as well as technologies that consumers are using to find your site. If you don't currently gather website statistics or aren't using your website stats in the decision making process, then you are missing out on a tremendous opportunity to increase conversions and to better target consumers.