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Social media marketing keeps getting harder and harder. This is because companies, like Facebook, are intentionally squeezing and manipulating the content that they show to their users. Combine the fact that Facebook owns Instagram and is starting to treat content the exact same way and you start to see a future that is going to require a lot of experience to be successful. Due to the squeezes on content that are taking place, social media marketing is also becoming increasingly more expensive. Make no mistakes, these social media companies are forcing businesses to pay to play.


Because of the changes mentioned above and other changes happening to the world of social media, finding an agency that can properly handle your social media marketing is more important than ever before. Mainly because it is projected that even more money will be spent through social media this year, on products and services, and the ones that can still reach a target audience will see high amounts of success.

Social Media Management

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Social Marketing Starter Tips

There are many ways to ensure that a social media marketing strategy is getting the best bang for the buck. One of those ways is to ensure that the best graphic designs are being used. By using graphic designs that are eye catching and highly relevant, social media sites like Facebook actually charge less money per click. They reward high-quality images with increased impressions, which leads to even more engagement and ultimately a larger following.


Another great way to ensure that a social media marketing strategy is getting the best bang for the buck is to utilize as many organic hash tags as possible. Social media sites like Instagram only allow up to 30 hash tags to be used for each post, so choosing which organic pages to share with is very important. It is not always best to choose the most popular organic pages, as your content may get drowned out in all the noise.

Keys of a Successful Social Media Strategy

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Obviously, what you choose to put onto social media is going to have a direct correlation about how successful the social media strategy is, but how most people are choosing what content to use is still baffling. A lot of times, the content that is used is based on what the senior ranking person at a business likes or believes that their content should look a certain way, but this is a mistake. Choosing content should be based on what users like and how users interact with the content. This information can be gathered by doing, what is called, and A/B test. A/B testing allows companies to test different content styles and blog articles among a sample-set of users, which allows a business to see which style is getting better feedback. Using

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'Likes' and 'Comments' on social media websites, like Facebook and Instagram, are nice to have. They show that people are engaging with content and are interacting with your brand. However, you don't get paid for each 'Like' and 'Comment' that you receive. That is why judging success based on these criteria is not very wise. The goal of great social media services is to get people to leave the social media site that they are on and get them onto your website. The website is the ultimate selling vehicle and social media is basically a way to transition people onto it. So, while 'Likes' and 'Comments' can show other social media users that people are enjoying what you post... it doesn't make the cash register ring. Therefore, don't get to high or low based solely on likes.

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Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a really great way to gather data from social media websites. It allows businesses to see what type of content users are engaging with and what type of content is being ignored. It also helps to enhance analytics that are already offered by social media sites, like Facebook, or add an analytics piece to social media sites that don't currently have analytics available, like Instagram. The great part of using something like Google Tag Manager is also it's cost, which is free. Where as other tracking solutions for social media can easily cost over $100/month.

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If your goal is to currently get people onto your social media profile and keep them there then your social media management strategy may need to change. (Unless you are selling directly from your Facebook, which is a totally different strategy.) The ultimate goal of any social media site, whether it is Twitter or Pinterest, is to get the users onto the main website. There are many reasons for why funneling users to the website is good social media management, but one of the major reasons  is because your website should be the most interesting, meaningful, digital location for information available about your business.

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Some businesses should have nearly every social media platform possible. Meaning, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and any other social media site you can think of. However some should only use the social media platforms that make sense for their business. While this can all seem pretty tricky, basically, each social media site has it's own way that users communicate and because of the different delivery methods of the content on these social media sites, a few of them may not make much sense for every business.


Take Twitter as an example. Twitter is 140 characters of ever updating information. If your business only posts a couple of 'tweets' a day, then your message is being lost inside of 20 minutes. Twitter is for active posters that are posting every 30 minutes to 1 hour. Where as social media sites like Instagram or Pinterest allow businesses to post images instead of words. These social media sites are perfect for businesses that have visible products for consumers to see.


It is important to know which social media platform is right for your business and to make sure that your social media marketing strategy is using each of these social media sites in the best ways possible.


social media marketing: graphic and meme creation in atlanta georgia

One of the best things you can do for your social media campaign is to use graphic designs and memes to capture reader attention. It is shocking that even though graphics, images and videos have proven to be so successful in capturing reader attention that only 27% of marketers have a procedure in place to be continuously curating content. Create a competitive advantage for your business by speaking with an Optimized social media marketer. Let us help you create a wealth of customized graphic designs and memes to deploy in your social media marketing campaigns.

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Blogging is a powerful tool to reach new audiences and grow a following for a product or service. The challenge with blogging is finding the time to research a topic, write something worth being posted, etc. Basically, it's time consuming. That's when it's time to engage Optimized.


Let us show you why blogging was rated by 45% of marketers as their #1 content marketing strategy to reach new audiences. Discover what 1 : 2 marketers already know about the powers of blogging to reach more people in 2016.

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A lot of our clients aren't exactly sure what social media sites they should be using, so they haven't gotten around to really using anything. It's ok and it's good to be cautious. When your brand reputation is at stake, sometimes doing nothing is better than posting something you shouldn't.


We will work with you to define what kind of social media marketing campaign is going to be the best for your goals and for your brand. Then a social media specialist at Optimized can set up any social media accounts that will be needed to have success in the campaign.

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One of the biggest reasons for mediocre results in social media marketing is not creating or participating in digital conversations. Some of these interactions happen on your social media pages, like when a user comments on a photo or article. Most of these discussions and engagements happen on other users' social media page. Engaging with other social media users, by liking and commenting on their content, encourages responses from those users toward your content.


Let Optimized be your conversation broker. Our social media specialists will interact and engage with users across any social media platform to initiate positive experiences between your brand and the world.

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It's no secret, graphic designs, memes, videos and anything else that users connect with tend to do better than things that users don't connect with. The art is knowing what will convert and what will not. Performing A/B Testing allows you to gather real marketing analysis on any graphic design, meme or video in order to see how they would perform is used in a major advertisement. Once you know which graphic designs work the best, you can selet those designs to promote more heavily.


Contact Optimized about performing an A/B Test. We can test dozens or hundreds of images to see which have the most viral capability.

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When it's time to start spending money to promote a message, you'd better be sure that your message is on point. This is why we promote A/B Testing and creating the best customized graphic designs possible. Ultimately, the money put into a paid social media campaign will stretch further if the content is receiving high relevancy scores. (Basically the more people like your content, the cheaper that content is to share it with even more people. Content that isn't well liked is more expensive to share because its like forcing people to see things they don't like.)


Let Optimized lead your social media marketing campaign to get the best buying power and the most relevant content possible.

Success of organic social media campaigns are largely based on the ability to network and socialize with many different groups of people. Liking, commenting and sharing content from others gets your content liked, commented on and shared as well. Just like organic search engine optimization, organic social media marketing is the best long-term strategy, but does take a reasonable amount of time to get off the ground. The best way to accelerate social media growth is a combination of organic and paid social media marketing.


Connect with a social media marketing expert for your next social media campaign. You can trust our knowledge and experience to deliver successful results.