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Short-Term Search Strategy



There are a lot of things that aren't the best, regarding search engine marketing services as a long-term digital marketing strategy, especially when compared to other digital marketing strategies like organic search engine optimization. This is mainly due to elevated and often unrealistic costs that are associated with a long term search engine marketing strategy. That being said, search engine marketing services do have their advantages, especially in the short-term or as a seasonal campaign.


One of the things that makes search engine marketing such a great short-term strategy is the ability to instantly achieve a high visibility for exact keywords and phrases. After identifying the best keywords or phrases for your particular industry and setting a budget (usually a daily maximum), your website will rank at the top of the page for those chosen search phrases, albeit the link will say "ad" next to it. This makes search engine marketing a really great tool for measuring r.o.i of different keywords and phrases before choosing to incorporate those phrases into a long term organic search engine optimization campaign. This ability to gain instant results is also great when a website needs to achieve high visibility in a very short period of time, usually for things like sales or seasonal campaigns.


Search engine marketing is also very helpful in expanding existing digital marketing strategies. If the budget is available and alternative digital marketing strategies, like organic search engine optimization, are already in place, then search engine marketing can be a way to get into very tightly contested areas that have otherwise been impossible. This allows a website to achieve an very high level of visibility across an entire set of keywords and phrases, which will ultimately lead to more visitors to your website and often more sales.


Lastly, search engine marketing is excellent to isolate and target a specific geographical area. If a business is trying to get a specific message to a particular area, then the company can use search engine marketing to make sure their messages are highly targeted and precisely aimed at intended users. The higher degree of customization of targeting and messaging can ensure that a business is achieving the best results.


Since search engine marketing is based on a pay for play system, getting listed in the top of search engines is an almost immediate process. This makes search engine marketing ideal for scenarios where timing is critical or limited. Search engine marketing is also ideal for blitz campaigns, used complimentary with other digital marketing services, or during holidays or promotions.


Search engine marketing can get a little tricky. That is why it is important to have a professional manage that process. A digital marketing specialist at Optimized can manage your search engine marketing campaign and be the person that directly deals with the search engines. We are also great translators when the process starts getting too involved.


Do a good bit of marketing research and analysis in order to identify the absolute best keywords and phrases in your vertical market. Some keywords or phrases can be fools gold, so develop key performance indicators that work for you.

Understand your budget. Having a clearly defined budget allows you to configure a daily and monthly budget for your search engine marketing.

Track everything as much as possible. Gathering meaningful analytics and data to evaluate the search engine marketing campaign is vital to making decisions to improve return the return on investment of the campaign.

Use the information that is uncovered by search engine marketing to implement a long term organic search engine optimization strategy. Use search engine marketing to research and test keywords and phrases.

**To implement these tips or other improvement measures, to improve your digital marketing efforts, contact a member of the Optimized team.

The Value of Search Engine Marketing

Truly, the strength of search engine marketing, also known as pay-per-click marketing, is it's speed and accuracy. If you are planning a one-off sale, are wanting to test some keywords that you're thinking of adding to an seo campaign, or your are waiting for keywords to rank in an seo campaign, then search engine marketing is for you.


The fact that you can rank this quickly for exact phrases and keywords also makes search engine marketing optimal. Not having to rely on search engine algorithms helps tremendously.

The drawback to search engine marketing is that it can get expensive. Typically a business has to have fairly deep pockets to even consider a longer term search engine marketing campaign. The cost can be exponentially higher if a business attempts to manage this process without the knowledge of the process. The same can be said if a business puts their search engine marketing efforts into the hands of an incompetent digital marketing agency.


Optimized is Google Adwords Certified and has experience running search engine marketing campaigns.

At times, businesses have one-off sales or promotional events. These are great ways to raise funds and liquidate some older inventory that is laying around. Usually, these one-off sales are also pretty last minute by seo standards. This is because search engine optimization campaigns can take up to 3 months to fully start showing results. Search engine marketing, on the other hand, is almost immediate. After setting a budget and choosing keywords, your listing will be ready to be viewed in the ad section at the top of search results. While there is only a 30% click through rate on paid advertisements on Google, this is still 30% clicks that you were getting. Finding good keywords that are cost effective can also be a great way of ensuring a strong return on investment.

While our organic search engine optimization services are pretty awesome, even the best seo implementation takes time. While a long term seo strategy is taking shape it could be a great idea to supplement the short term by investing in search engine marketing or pay per click marketing. Search engine marketing allows for immediate visibility in search engine results and can also provide valuable information about the profitability of certain keywords or phrases.

Organic search engine optimization services can rely on a bit of finesse from an experienced seo consultant in order to get precise keyword matching. This is not the case with search engine marketing. Keywords can be chosen from a list, after carefully evaluating them for their value and r.o.i. potential. Keywords and phrases can even be exchanged frequently to change target strategies. This 'on-the-fly' adaptability is awesome because it doesn't take weeks, like an organic search engine optimization campaign would.


If your business needs the ability to pivot quickly, the flexibility to do as little or as much digital marketing at any given time and wants quick and immediate results... then search engine marketing is in your wheelhouse!