Responsive Web Design Services

While some may think it's over-kill, at Optimized we believe in having two separate web designs. One of those web designs should be a responsive web design that is focused on mobile devices, like smart phones and tablets. The other web design should be responsive to fit a wide array of desktop devices. The reason behind our thinking is to provide the most customization possible and the fact that Google uses different criteria for desktop searches and mobile searches underscores the need to be able to tween one of the versions without messing up the other.


A single, responsively designed website, can be enough for some businesses, however in more competitive markets and in larger cities we recommend considering a dual web design approach. A business should also consider who their target audience is when looking into dual web designs. If the business targets a core consumer market, then it would be a good idea to have two web designs. If your business more dominantly targets other businesses, then a dual web design make not make sense.

Web Design Examples

Benefits of a Responsive Web Design

In today's age of mobility and with the proliferation of mobile devices, Internet users are using a wider array of devices to get online than ever before. This is why responsively designed websites are so important. Websites can be optimized for screen sizes and settings to make sure that the best version of your website is being shown to the appropriate device. This will help your website visitors find the information they are looking for and easily browse your website.


Without a responsive web design, your 'one-size-fits-all' web design will not format correctly for mobile phones or tablets. The one-size website may also not format correctly for many of the wider monitors, like iMac and wide screen displays. In a world of over-saturation and unlimited choices, don't lose out on business because your web design wasn't responsive.

Value of having a Professionally Developed Website

Basically, everything that is important to an on-page search engine optimization strategy lies in the back-end of a website, in the code. Some websites, like simple builder websites, come as a pre-existing template. These styles of websites do not allow access to the back-end section of the website and therefore are nearly impossible to rank well in search engine results. Even wordpress style web designs are limited to a degree. Much of the search engine optimization is automated with word-press style websites and this also makes total customization a larger challenge.


A completely hand-coded website will allow the most flexibility and customization, which is excellent for the implementation of search engine optimization services. Starting with a strong foundation (web design) allows for a stronger structure (more performance) down the road.

Put yourself in the shoes of a consumer. If you went to a website that looked unprofessional and potentially unsafe, would you risk putting in your credit card information? No! Neither would any of your future clients. Actually, over half of all the people in the United States have admitted that they judge a company's ability to provide quality products or services based on what their web design looks like. This is one of many reasons why having a professionally developed website can make all the difference. You only get one shot and making a good first impression, put your best foot forward with a professional web design.

The ability for our responsive web designs to be totally customized allows for flexibility now and forever in the future. This is extremely important in a couple different ways. The first is that with total customization of your website, the web design can change and more as more data is gathered about website traffic. This is ideal to improve conversions and increase sales. The second major reason why total customization of a web design is important is because of the numerous changes Google and other search engines make to their algorithms. What the search engines are doing now to rank websites is not going to be the same in even 1 years time, so having the ability to change on the fly and keep up with best practices is vital to a search engine optimization campaign.

This may blow your mind, but you'd be surprised how many of our clients, who worked with a different digital marketing agency in the past, have needed new websites designed because their previous website did not belong to them. Many of these clients are clients that tried building simple build websites with places like Wix, Weebly, or Go Daddy. The thing is, since these are templated websites, they never truly belong to the business. It is essentially like renting an apartment.


When you have a custom coded website created for your business the web design files are forever yours. You own the rights to them, you have the ability to have them changed whenever you wish and you can switch hosting providers whenever necessary without losing your website. Owning your own web design files is like owning your house. Its yours!