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Graphic designs are the most basic building block of any marketing strategy, primarily because they are so effective at attracting and holding a readers attention. Graphic designs are used in nearly everything, from print materials, videos and media, and digital materials. There is no way to avoid using them and honestly, why would you?. That is why we offer professional graphic design services to each and every one of our clients.


Optimized specializes in creating customized graphic designs for any situation. We've made graphic designs for marketing materials, like brochures, pamphlets and business cards. We've also provided graphic design services for larger projects like for use on websites, social media marketing campaigns or videos. Essentially, whatever your need may be... the odds are that we will be able to work with your team to create the perfect graphic designs for your needs.

Graphic Design Examples

Choose a Team of Graphic Design Professionals

At Optimized, we are always working to get better. Our team of graphic designers is always studying and learning the latest concepts and trends, as well as learning to evolve through styles, colors, and concepts. The team at Optimized has years of graphic design experience and we would like to put our experience to work for you. We specialize in creating customized graphic designs as well as enhancing digital images and making sure that your photos are as viewer friendly as possible.


Below are a few reasons why it is important to consider working with an experienced graphic design team instead of trying to outsource a project. We also don't recommend crowd sourcing websites, where designers bid on jobs, because there is no passion that goes into those graphic designs. Typically, designers that post their graphic designs to crowd sourcing websites are trying to make very generic designs so they can sell variations of that graphic design over and over and over.

Benefits of Professional Graphic Design Services

Cohesion with Marketing Collateral

The most important reason to use professional graphic design services it to ensure that all of your marketing material looks like it belongs to the same family. The physical materials, like brochures and business cards, should bare a resemblance to the digital materials that are found on a website or social media page. If your marketing materials don’t have cohesion then it may be time to speak with a professional graphic design team to discuss a remarketing strategy.

Professionalism and Experience

Experienced graphic designs add professionalism to the graphic designs that your organization chooses to incorporate in its strategy. Keep in mind, when we are talking about graphic designs, we are not just talking about an animation or artistically created concept. We also use existing photos and still images and graphically enhance them to appear in the most optimal of ways. Clean, clear, and crisp images capture and hold a readers attention. This level of professionalism will set your company apart from competitors using inferior graphic images.

Communication to an Audience

They say that a picture is worth 1000 words, so use graphic designs to tell a story. Graphic designs allow the viewer to interpret their own story from each of the images. This lets brands communicate deeper with current and prospective clients. It also allows their messages that resonate completely different than simply using text. If you aren’t using graphic designs to communicate your businesses message, then you are missing out.

Efficiency and Productivity

One of the main differences between hiring a professional team of graphic designers and simply letting your brother-in-law take a swing at making a graphic design is the time, money, and headache you are going to save yourself. Efficiency and productivity are going to be much higher with a professional team of graphic designers and the professionals will be able to work with you around a budget and time frame to make sure your project is done correctly the first time. There’ve been many cases where our graphic design team has been called upon to save the day after many “cheaper” or “easier” methods have already been tried.

Save Time, Save Money

As stated above, the more you have to have a graphic design or concept reworked, the more time and money is being wasted. Working with a team of graphic designers is going to be a cost savings in the long run because the project will not have to be re-done a million times. That is not to say that our graphic designers will not work until the project is right because we will. Our team works with you until the concept is realized.


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