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Digital marketing services can be provided independently or in combination with multiple service offerings. Since each of our clients' individual needs vary, we offer digital marketing services that are just as diverse.


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Let's create a social media marketing strategy to generate some buzz around your brand.

Catapult to the top of the search engine rankings with our seo services.

Set a strong first impression with a professionally developed website from Optimized.

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analytics / data

Search engine marketing services are all about precision and timing. Let us help!

A picture says one-thousand words. Let a professional graphic design do the talking.

Capturing data and creating meaningful analytics leads to smarter marketing decisions.


Social media marketing has changed drastically over the past couple of years. Organic social media marketing has become more challenging with the way that Facebook, Instagram and other social media websites are filtering content, but it's still very possible to find success Paid social media marketing efforts have remained consistent and are a great way of tapping into new audiences that are filled with new potential clients.


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Choosing Optimized for your Social Media Services

Obviously, what you choose to put onto social media is going to have a direct correlation about how successful the social media strategy is, but how most people are choosing what content to use is still baffling. A lot of times, the content that is used is based on what the senior ranking person at a business likes or believes that their content should look a certain way, but this is a mistake. Choosing content should be based on what users like and how users interact with the content. This information can be gathered by doing, what is called, and A/B test. A/B testing allows companies to test different content styles and blog articles among a sample-set of users, which allows a business to see which style is getting better feedback. Using

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Organic search engine optimization has changed quite a bit over the last couple of years. Constant improvements to Google algorithms and additions like Google Rankbrain have changed the game; completely. That being said, organic search engine optimization is still one of the most important digital marketing strategies for the majority of businesses. Mainly because ranking well in search engine results means reaching a highly targeted market that is specifically looking to purchase.


When done correctly and achieving results, organic search engine optimization turns a website into the companies best asset. Basically, a salesperson standing in the exact spot, in the exact moment, a consumer passes by looking to make a purchase. The best part about organic search engine optimization is that it provides 24/7 visibility for as long as the website is properly maintained.

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We Deliver Real Search Engine Optimization Rankings

It used to be that search engine optimization could be split into a couple of categories, white hat seo vs. black hat seo. But it's way more complex than that now. There are multiple strategies and best practices that are implemented by many different experts. The truth is, the best search engine optimization strategy is the on that works. So, seo services need to be as unique and diverse as the landscape dictates. The solution to achieving high rankings in search engine results isn't about any one specific thing, as much as its about creating an entire experience to show of the brand to the consumer.


Learn more about a few of our search engine optimization services more specifically. Or contact Optimized to discuss moving your website into the first page of search engine results.

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There is a whole lot more that goes into web design than just slapping some graphics and words onto a couple pages. Web design encompasses thoughts, ideas and strategies into visual concepts. Each word, each graphic design and every element should have a purpose and serve to fulfill a goal. Designing for conversion, functionality and search engine visibility are all factors.


Web design is also more complex than ever before because of the proliferation of mobile devices. Internet users have access to computers, tablets, smartphones and so many other internet browsing devices. Each of these devices have a wide range in screen sizes and computing powers. Web design and development must take this into consideration to optimize the website for each device.

web design services in atlanta, georgia

Are You Getting the Most out of Your Website

A website needs to be able to rank well in search engines, function well for users and convert more leads or sales. So, the type of website that a business needs it the type of website that most aligns with their business goals. Making sure that your website can do everything you need it to do it important and, in some cases, will rule out options. For example, if you are a dog walker, you probably don't need to have a very complex web design because the number of competitors is low and most website designs should be suitable. However, if you are a financial planning company or in another highly competitive industry, then you are going to need a web design that is as customizable as possible, ruling out simple builder sites and some simple designs. Contact a web designer at Optimized if you're not sure you're using the right web design.

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Search engine marketing services are a good strategy when timing needs to be exact and keywords need to be precise. This generally makes search engine marketing a perfect short term strategy for things like short-notice sales campaigns and keyword / keyphrase research. Search engine marketing provides the ability to research, choose and rank well for exact keywords and phrases, basically overnight.


The down-side to search engine marketing is that it does require a pretty healthy budget in order to achieve results. Due to the nature of search engine marketing being a pay-per-click service, return on investment can also fluctuate based on daily budget and the daily cost of keywords. This is why search engine marketing should be used complimentary and in short bursts.

search engine marketing services in atlanta, georgia

Use Search Engine Marketing to Research Keywords

Using a paid search engine strategy is a smart and efficient way of doing research on different keywords or phrases. Since visibility can be achieved almost instantly, research on a specific keyword or keyphrase can be conducted to assess value. The keywords and phrases that provide the best results should then be heavily targeted in a long term organic seo strategy.


If you are currently participating in a search engine marketing campaign or are curious in learning how to get started with a search engine marketing strategy, connect with a search engine specialist at Optimized. Professionally managing search engine marketing generally drives significantly better results.

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Whether it is in digital designs, like websites or social media graphics, or it is print material, like brochures or business cards, graphic designs are everywhere. It's no secret that graphic designs and use of colorful images attract more readers and hold reader interest longer.


In an oversaturated world, the term "eye-catching graphic design" is very relative. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This is why simply creating graphic designs is not enough. In today's competitive climate, digital graphics and designs need to be AB Tested to make sure that they are on point and will connect with the intended audience.


Graphic design services in 2016 are about science and conversion just as much as they are about color and shape.

graphic design services in atlanta georgia

What Do You Need Created?

Optimized provides professional graphic design services for digital and physical design needs.

Digital Graphic Design Examples

Physical Graphic Design Examples

Social Media Content

Website Images/designs

Logo Creation

Digital Newsletter Images

Emailable Content




Business Cards




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Tracking improvement to web design, search engine optimization, social media marketing and any other digital marketing effort is wildly important. The fact that you can track all of the different digital marketing services is what makes digital marketing superior to traditional forms of advertising, like radio, television and print.


Having mechanisms in place to capture data based on users, like their behaviors, conversions and page views, is important because capturing the data is the first step toward meaningful analytics. Once user data is captured then refining, filtering and processing that data into meaningful performance indicators needs to happen. From refinement, the data can be used to improve future digital asset performance.

digital analytics services in atlanta georgia

What Kind of Digital Analytics is There

Optimized provides digital analytics services on the following types of digital assets

Examples of Things We Track

Social Media Sites

Website Analytics

Landing Page Analytics

Graphic Design Analytics

Email Conversion Analytics

Search Engine Ranking Reports

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