We are Optimized. Optimized is a digital marketing agency that provides services like seo, social media marketing, web design and graphic design. Truthfully, digital marketing is about more than just out services, but more about brand building, brand management and brand reputation. As a digital marketing agency, we work to make sure that you put your companies best foot forward with each new unique visitor as well as implement complex strategies to keep people coming back.

Optimized: A Digital Marketing Agency Story

In 2012, while working as the head the sales and marketing department for a multi-million dollar company, the founder of Optimized, Bradley Griffin, was looking at new ways to grow revenues in a challenging environment. Since Honolulu does not allow some traditional methods that are available to most mainland places, like billboards or permanent signage of any kind, it was difficult to constantly connect with potential customers. Through hours of diligence and research, search engine optimization and Internet marketing quickly become absolutely vital and necessary.


After working with a few companies and private contractors, it was clear that there was a serious talent and services gap that was missing from the digital marketing realm. Some of the digital marketing companies or search engine optimization contractors offered a few different services, but most only concentrated in a particular area, which made it difficult to find a customized solution to fill the business' needs. Other digital marketing companies or search engine optimization consultants were simply unable to deliver the results that they set out to achieve. Through this process of trying to implement digital marketing strategies it was clear that someone needed to create a digital marketing agency that offered comprehensive digital marketing solutions that would bridge the gap between each of the specializations and do so in a way that it would provide value and results for the clients.


With a vision, $200 and the knowledge to build customized websites, Bradley Griffin set out to tackle the digital marketing world. Since the humble beginnings of Optimized's early years, we have grown into 3 major cities across America; Honolulu, Los Angeles and Atlanta. What makes Optimized successful is the same thing that makes each of our clients successful. We rely 100% on creating the most visible digital footprint possible, in all the places on the Internet that our future clients will look for us. Our organic search engine optimization truly sets us apart (ask us to show you our results) and drives website traffic in the thousands. Our social media marketing allows us to make connections and have conversations with everyone in the digital marketing community... and the list of features goes on and on.


Everyone at Optimized is truly passionate about what they do. We all pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of services in the fastest, most expedient, way possible. We as that you consider us for your future digital marketing needs and that you would include yourself in our story.


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Digital Marketing Job Opportunities

The role of digital marketing account manager is one of the most important roles in the entire company. In this position, the digital marketing account manager is directly meeting with and engaging current and future clients. They are the eyes and the ears in the field and are responsible for maintaining and growing, current and new, relationships that Optimized has with the community.


As a digital marketing account manager you will be called upon to be personable, professional, energetic and results oriented. You will also need excellent time management and a passion for networking and meeting new people. If you think you are the perfect match for this position, go here to apply to be a digital marketing account manager.

The role of social media marketing coordinator is responsible for planning and coordinating the social media activities for our clients. As the social media marketing coordinator, you would be directly involved with planning and implementing social media marketing campaigns, as well as tracking the performance and suggesting changes to ensure success.


We like our social media marketing coordinators to be creative and have informed ideas about how to engage and interact with users across each of the major social media platforms. A strong mastery of content curation is a must, as we look for our social media marketing coordinators to lead the charge on unique and fresh content. If you believe you are the perfect piece to this puzzle, go here to apply to be a social media marketing coordinator.

The role of search engine optimization specialist is one of the most called upon roles in the entire company. The search engine optimization specialist is directly responsible for diagnosing, planning and implementing new and existing search engine optimization strategies. As the search engine optimization specialist, we are looking for a technically saavy and knowledgeable person who knows the seo process inside and out.


Search engine optimization specialists with Optimized have some very big shoes to fill, as seo services are the flagship services of our digital marketing agency. There are none better at generating strong search engine performance. If you're the person we've been looking for, go here to apply to be a search engine optimization specialist.

Our responsive web design team stays busy, which is great for passing the time quickly and job security. Seriously, though, as a responsive web designer for Optimized, we are looking for someone that understands the responsive process of building websites for optimal viewing across multiple devices. We are also looking for someone that has experiences with many different types of web design platforms, like squarespace, wordpress, muse, and straight HTML.


We don't ask our designers to have years and years of experience because we feel that being fresh is a great chance to embed our own styles into the learning process. However we do ask that any responsive web designers be passionate about always learning and improving. If you're ready, go here to apply to be a responsive web designer.

Let's be honest, graphic design specialists have their hands in pretty much every single project that we do. This makes our graphic design team one of the most critical components of creating head turning, attention grabbing digital work. As a graphic design specialist you will primarily be working with programs like photoshop, illustrator and many other creative design suites.


We look for originality, creativity and proficiency when it comes to our graphic design specialist. We want someone that has a true command over many of the the adobe creative suites. If you are a creative soul that enjoys creating a wide variety of graphic designs for many projects, go here to apply to be a graphic design specialist.

The bloggers at Optimized are some of the most opinionated people we know. They always have something to share about a wide variety of topics and this willingness to share comes in handy. As a blogger at Optimized, our team is designed to take an authoritative stance and be a subject material expert. Our bloggers inform and educate readers on many topics and across several vertical markets.


Our blogging team is well written and enjoys the calm of a well written article. We are looking for people that love to write, write well and have many opinions that they would like to share. If you are one of those people just waiting to share your opinions with thousands of Internet users, go here to apply to be a blogger / blog writer.